just before falling off to sleep last nite i received a rare message..a message from Raphael…maybe some remember..He is safe..and far into south Texas…i was quite surprised by this…that’s quite a bit of ground to cover since March 28th…it was just a brief note…brief filled with good words..ideas…thoughts….but as i lay back in bed thinking of him..and the stories he is creating stories like so many that may never get told..i couldn’t help but feel a two things..first both a sense of warmth and a sense of  envy..some people that pass through my life infrequently hold  some of the largest portions in my heart and soul..a friend once said people are busy that is why you do not see them that often..i suppose on the opposite side..I am as well..maybe i pass though peoples lives like Raphael, or Patrick or…I dont know..second thing that came to mind..my life..lately the stories are running dry…maybe its time to create another chapter..or some new ones..or just expand on old ones..either way i am going to step away…if i do not return..(which i probably will) who else will listen………….but if i do not

thank you

a neutral clearing 

i went to bed last night later than normal..thinking about one thing..something i have not had in a long time..but have been craving it..in the short six hours i dreamed that when i finally was inside it was cramped, uncomfortable..not easy to move around in..it was warm damp and hard to breathe..and my skin would sting when i touched it..it was sharp and brittle..sharp and brittle enough that it could cut skin and break off leaving small pieces of itself embedded deeply into any exposed flesh..the more i would work at trying to remove them the farther they would disappear .i had to move ever slowly to find the opening..the closer i got the hotter and brighter it became..both elements..together made any of those small pieces sting worse…it was enough to drive me back..deeper to a neutral spot that i could tolerate both the temperature and the pain of its wounds.  

i need to get to the forest soon…

drencrome:filmghoul:   Filz TV (short; Joseph Beuys, 1970)


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robbytherobot:  Led Zeppelin - Hey Hey What Can I Do


behind everything


givemypoorhearteaseLed Zeppelin—“That’s The Way”

Led Zeppelin III (Atlantic 1970).

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behind everything


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like slow shallow breathes

the road near the forest 

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