anti-faschismus:"The Warsaw Ghetto is no more."

1. The ruins of the Warsaw Ghetto, 1943.

2.The ruins of the Great Synagogue at No. 5 Tlomacka Street in the Warsaw (Warszawa) ghetto.

Note: This synagogue was designed by the Italian architect Leone Marconi and built between the years 1872 - 1877. It stood outside the ghetto walls. It was blown up by Stroop on May 16, 1943, as a sign that the suppression of the ghetto uprising was over, as noted in his report of that date.

jellobiafrasays: common fossil plants of western north america (1975)

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a long time ago

there was this little boy, and he loved frogs and toads..he would often draw them on every scrap piece of paper he could find. grade school art projects consisted of them…library trips were only for books about them..he often had warts and the kids would laugh at hm… telling him they came from the urine they left on his hands at recess…he once made his dad clomp through cat tails,  mucky water with a plastic milk carton to catch them..he loved frogs..any kind..

Never so clear

like a forest… dense filled with dark spaces. neutral clearings..down trees, and thick vegitation..populated with life that moves through out.  

quite possibly the tiniest

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Warsaw - No Love Lost

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theres this neutral clearing..its quiet most of the time except when the wind blows through the heavy pines..the grass is green all around it, and the tempeture is always 5 degrees cooler inside…

Monster Magnet, Crop Circle 

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Monster Magnet, King Of Mars