when weather is unobservant, the trees thin, i watch artificial clouds.

watching that body and pretending its a forest

staring at trees but looking for weather

Out in the forest there are now Jack Pines cut in stone, there are more of them..

but none came out as good as these.

ignoring ghosts 


although i have contracted a bad case of poison ivy from these..

it was worth it…

i cant resist road side flowers..

the things that aren’t there  n050

the things that aren’t there  n049

the things that aren’t there    n 048

klappersacks:          Lucy in the Sky with Diamonds-the Beatles


"I Am the Walrus", by The Beatles.

i think the world needs more petting zoo’s every community, every small town, schools..work places etc.should have one..animals could vary…recess would involve talking and petting animals..along with lunch breaks and smoking breaks you would be allowed time out with animals..it  would not have to be long just less than 10 minutes…i think it would help peoples stress levels, anxiety and prevent alot of problems we as humans encounter..of course the drug companys and all those involved wouldnt have anything to do with it…

just a thought that has been in my head for awhile..

silent cabins

like alot of things in my life more often than not i stumble around same places..not that it is a bad thing…..but dam life moves so quick…for a few brief days i made an effort to not do all those things i normally do…but in a odd sort of way going into different parts of the forest always brought me to these silent cabins..i dont think there sleeping..no i think they were enjoying the summer days..it was a good summer at least in the forest the daytime temperatures were lower and less humid  than normal, the nights were made for good sleeping, the crickets were louder, and nearby waters less biting cold…I think the cabins had a good summer.